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External lightning protection systems

The function of an external lightning protection system is to intercept, conduct and disperse a lightning strike safely to earth.
Without such a system, a building’s structure and the people, equipment and electrical systems around or within it, are all at risk.

Lightning strikes, or even electrical discharges resulting from nearby lightning, can cause damage or injury in many ways. Lightning can cause fires, explosions, chemical release or mechanical disruption within or around a structure.

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It’s important that your property, contents & personnel are protected from the dangers of lightning at all times. Whether you’re building new premises for your company or your existing building needs a lightning protection upgrade, we’re the experts who can design, install and maintain a comprehensive lightning protection system.




All of our engineers have years of experience installing specialist lightning protection systems and they’re specially trained to ensure that your protection system is installed to the current British and European Standards.



Lightning strikes present a real and significant threat – to life, to the structures in which we live and work, and to the electronic systems which support us in our daily lives. The consequences of lightning can be devastating. Direct lightning strikes damage structures, and create fire, explosion and electric shock hazards. Indirect lightning (up to a kilometre away) creates transient overvoltage’s which degrade electronic systems and disrupt essential services.

Protecting against the consequences of lightning is now of paramount importance to our commercial, industrial and public service institutions. Lightning protection throughout the world is now governed by national and international standards which stress the need for a comprehensive solution. A solution that delivers effective life safety, together with long lasting, reliable protection of a structure and the electronic systems within. We believe the Orion is the best available solution for achieving effective, dependable, long term lightning protection. From air terminals to earthing systems, conductors to surge protective devices.

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