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Testing & maintenance of existing lightning protection systems is vital to ensure your system is working correctly. Section 5 of BSEN 62305 states that all lightning conductors & earth installations should be visually inspected and tested regularly at fixed intervals, preferably not exceeding 12 months.

It is vital that your systems are tested by a qualified lightning & earthing specialist. Contract Orion to ensure your system works at all times and complies with existing regulations.

Orion provide:

Annual testing

Annual testing

Full testing capabilities to all BSEN 62305 and NVQ 3 LPS test engineer qualifications.

Maintenance contracts

Maintenance contracts

A full maintenance contract which provides annual testing and up to £250 of emergency repairs per annum.

Term contracts

Term contracts

Our three year service level agreements ensuring a fixed cost and that test is never forgotten.

Installation inspections by NVQ qualified engineers

Installation inspections by NVQ qualified engineers

Following new installation all systems are fully inspected and certificated.

Certificate of compliance

Certificate of compliance

Certification complies with both the British standard and ATLAS industry standard.

System non compliance reports

System non compliance reports

Following system inspections we provide a full report of all defects with photographic evidence.


Orion tests each individual earth installation as well as the connected system as a whole. We test resistance to the ground of the entire system and if below the 10 Ohms maximum for a compliant system, we issue a certificate of compliance, alternatively we will issue a non-compliant report with a quote for the repairs.

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Test certificates

Receiving a test certificate provides you with an acknowledgement that the building has passed the British Standard and has a safe lightning conductor system.

Test reports

Describes the lightning conductor system that your building has installed. It also details the materials that have been used, the number of down conductors and the size of the tape.

Earth record sheet

An earth record sheet tells you the earth resistance of each rod position, the location in the system and which type of pit it is installed in.

Strike risk assessments

Strike risk assessments can be carried out on your building to ascertain if the building requires lightning protection or if the existing system has been installed to the correct level.

Earth positioning drawing

After testing, you will always get a drawing of exactly where the earth positions are on your building. This allows us to link the place of the earth and any defects to it as clearly as possible.

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As part of our continuing service we monitor and record all results, send out reminders for your test date and test all installations, including single mast and part systems. We carry out testing & maintenance throughout the UK, so all you need to do is call.

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