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Why do you need surge protection?

The electronic equipment that you use throughout your building is at risk of damage caused by lightning and electromagnetic pulses.

This means that anything, including data systems, computer networks, phone networks and anything connected to your mains, is at risk of being damaged by LEMP.

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Surge protection from Orion includes:

Direct strike protection

Direct strike protection

Direct lightning strikes can generate millions of volts and hundreds of thousands of Amps and high-level overvoltage transients. They may seriously damage a building’ physical structure, electric distribution system, and cause fires.

Indirect strike protection

Indirect strike protection

Strikes in the vicinity of a building and on powerlines lead to overvoltage induced by the electromagnetic fields from the lightning current. Though typically less damaging than direct strikes, they are enough to melt electronic circuitry.


Surge protection equipment works through the use of a combination of extremely fast acting electronic components. This means the surge is detected almost instantly before it has a chance to damage your equipment. The damaging energy is then immediately diverted safely to earth where it is dissipated harmlessly.

Surge Protection West Sussex


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Surge Protection West Sussex


Based in West Sussex, we provide lightning protection primarily throughout the London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent & Essex area. However, we will work throughout the UK to provide surge protection to all.

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